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Lancashire's open data provides access to datasets held by the county council. It is a free resource available for anyone to reuse under an Open Government Licence. We will update these datasets when released and expand this section over time. Data from this page can also be found on

Health behaviours JSNA 2015 - survey data by district

Health Lancashire County Council csv 07 May 2019

In Lancashire there was limited information about the extent to which people engaged in health-compromising and health-enabling behaviours. To address this a project was commissioned to look at health behaviours in the county. Alongside a lifestyle questionnaire sent to 55,000+ households, a comprehensive data and evidence review was undertaken to look at the following:

  • diet/nutrition;
  • physical activity;
  • tobacco/smoking;
  • stress;
  • drug use;
  • alcohol; and
  • sexual behaviour.

The findings have produced a wealth of intelligence, including the extent to which residents partake in the health behaviours above, and the charateristics of certain demographic groups around these.

This dataset includes the district level findings from lifestyle survey.

For more information on the Health behaviours JSNA 2015 click here. Alternatively, you can contact the JSNA team (